My initial results are in, for my Action Research from San Diego Christian College. I get to share some of the results here, as I continue to work to refine them, and near my finished Capstone. This video is special. I get to share my Powerpoint Presentation that I am turning in to summarize my Action Research Project. For the small previews and samples I have been able to share in the Vlog, it is a wonderful thing for me to present my actual assignment that I shared with my mentor Professor who has guided me through the Master’s of Arts Degree in teaching Program at San Diego Christian College.

The results indicated that the Hauger History podcast is appreciated by students. Four out of every five surveys mentioned that they appreciated the availability of the podcast. Some students mentioned that they are very tired after school because of their commitments to athletics, theater, and academics, and have a hard time focusing in class for 90 minutes. The podcasts, according to one survey, “Gives me a second chance at understanding material, and filling in for notes I might have missed in class”. Another survey mentioned that, “You speak quickly and sometimes I miss things while I am writing, so the podcasts give me a chance to write and pause as necessary”. Overall, it is clear that the majority of students report they feel the podcast is beneficial. In terms of scoring, the data bears that out. Students performed with an improved average score of more than 6%, when a podcast was available, compared to when podcasts were not available. When analyzing all students together, when no podcast was available, students had an average score in the range of a “B” grade. When a podcast was available, the performance was improved, in the range of an “A-” average grade.



The student feedback form identified that students are feeling stress from homework. I want to avoid the point of overload which begins to damage student health and well-being. I can make sure that the podcasts I produce are to the point. While many educational outlets online are informative and entertaining, the length of media can diminish the desired effect by taking time away from other balance and activities in a student’s time away from school. When workload becomes overwhelming, the stressful impact negates the benefit of the assigned work (Zajacova, Lynch, Espenshade, 2005). Keeping the podcasts under 10 minutes in length was a favorable comment from 15 0f the 150 students who were surveyed (10%), which was given in the written, additional feedback section, of the survey.

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