It is time to find some research references! In this week’s Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching vlog from San Diego Christian College, our professor advises us to choose 40 sources to start collecting for our literature review. Professor Smith encouraged our class to annotate each paragraph, as a way of bookmarking the utility of each source, and reminding each other of why and how this source can be helpful to us as we prepare our action research in our classrooms.

The task was initially daunting. Finding so many sources in a variety of publications and formations was something that required some training. Fortunately our professor, and our textbook laid out the steps of where to search, how to generate proper keywords for searching, and a few places to begin our operation. We also attended a two-hour training on proper APA citations. Each slide was interactive and quizzed us to test our understanding of proper formatting. Through these steps and guidance the literature review became more simple to understand.

The library online at San Diego Christian College proved to be a very valuable resource for searching. There were plenty of academic journal articles in the subject area I was seeking. Bookmarking, saving, and highlighting the resources that I needed happened in just a few clicks. Once i had all my sources listed, I began evaluating and annotating them. What I thought would take weeks was efficiently organized in hours over a couple of days. I was grateful to our professor and textbook for making the process more manageable. —-

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