In Master’s Vlog #21, I discuss my research into the considerations needed for diverse students. The acknowledgment of cultural variety in my classroom can inform the strategic planning for the classroom. I spent several hours this week finding excellent resources from the San Diego Christian College online library. From academic journals, teaching publications, and books, I have drawn several sources to help inform my planning for a written report.

The time I have spent reading has informed me about data and trends across the United States. Becoming more informed helps me realize that I do need to consider te differentiated learning needs of my students. It also helps dispel myths and misunderstandings by looking at research-driven conclusions and information. As our class agins knowledge, you can see students develop more advanced hypotheses about how they can best serve their unique classrooms.

I also interview Jeffery Frieden, High School Philosophy and English teacher from Riverside, CA, who has written blogs and articles on diversity in the classroom over the course of his educational leadership. Many of Jeffery’s blogs focus on meeting the needs of children with diversified instruction. I ask Jeffery to talk about how significant diversity is to his classroom, and how he evaluates with students, not based on traditional spreadsheets and one-size-fits-all grading.

The research that I have completed this week is helping me prepare a 4-5 page report on the needs of students. I can sense the beginning of new tools that are being added to my teacher toolkit. I know that one week of research does not mean that my journey in this field is completed, in fact, it has uncovered the depths of the subject that will be a lifelong consideration for learning. As soon as conclusions are made, changing demographics will likely bring the need for further reflection, evaluation, data, and planning. In conclusion, the proper technique of reading, training, reflecting, writing, and planning can be a cycle of advanced preparation made by a more professional teacher. That’s what I have gained so far this week from my Master’s of Arts Program in Teaching from San Diego Christian College.

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