In Master’s Vlog #13 I reflect from a paragraph in our Ethics of Teaching (Strike, 2009) textbook which caused me to pause, reflect, and share ways that I and (can?) incorporate my learning from my Master’s of Arts in teaching Degree Program from San Diego Christian College in my classroom. This was the perfect moment to pause my reading, pick up my camera, and discuss a couple of ways that my reading has inspired my approach to my classroom. When I read about the individual needs of my students, it occured to me how important it is to address plans, classroom management, and motivation that is tailored to the needs of my students.


One of our textbooks for our Ethics class focuses on strategies for teachers in challenging situations. I highlight a paragraph of our text for a discussion, educational use, and as an exemplar of the reading material used in the online program at San Diego Christian College. The passage is shown on the screen and read, and the citation is below. I used this moment as an example of how the program can aid the teaching strategies of teachers who are earning their Master’s of Arts in Teaching in this program. I think this video will help potential students who are considering their Master’s Degree to see what kinds of professional development opportunities develop from course readings.


When you reflect, compose posts, provide feedback for others, and repeat the process, you begin expanding your perspectives on how to improve as a teacher. This video is brief, but gives you an idea of the weekly changes you can make as a teacher to improve your methods. What have you learned this year that has helped you in your career? Comment down below!


Source: Strike, K. A., & Soltis, J. F. (2009). The ethics of teaching. New York: Teachers College.


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