What’s in the news? A lot! In this week’s Master’s of Arts Vlog from San Diego Christian college, I bridge the current topic of class to current events around the world. My ED602 course is centered around diversity and multiculturalism in the classroom. One of the themes of our textbook is bridging the opinions and perspectives of various cultures represented by our student body to benefit the richness of discussions and relationships in the classroom. As a high school history teacher, If ind current events to be a wonderful application of this approach. We can grab any headline, and with respect, have dialogue that builds many different viewpoints. Everyone’s free speech is values, all positions are considered, and we can do this without getting personal or raising our voices. In return, everyone feels more thoughtful and balanced having thought about positions and opinions outside of our own. Sometimes students even find themselves changing their mind, when confronted with new information or evidence.

Bringing current events into the classroom can be a great way to link the importance of our Social Studies Standards and answer the “why” question of learning history. Allow multiple perspectives, and lenses of a multicultural classroom to reflect and discuss current events. I love promoting open conversations, and find these classes to often be the most rewarding and productive. I discuss more about how current events are improving the abilities of my students to communicate, connect, learn, and appreciate the diversity of our classmates.

It is true that conversations about current events can be controversial. Proper ground rules, respect for each other, and equal opportunities to speak can mitigate these issues. We have not had one conversation get out of hand this year, and I am a new teacher at my school. When we understand the purpose of a conversation is to talk and listen, we all gain from the interaction. My Master’s Program is helping me understand how important this opportunity is for students to interface openly and honestly with each other.

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