In Master’s Degree Vlog #15, I discuss the inspiration from the Master’s of Arts Degree in teaching from San Diego Christian college. The weekly discussions that we have and the research we are conducting into the field of education have inspired me to explore themes that interest me. For example, in my Week 3 and Week 14 vlogs in this series, I explored the concepts of compassion and teacher-student relationships, respectively, and the research that I explored helped me develop more helpful practices in my high school classroom that I teach.


An extension of this inspiration is an assignment I recently created, after working on my own classwork for my Master’s Degree Program. I wanted to create something for my students where they could explore their own interests, while simultaneously picking up information about the subjects they are studying in government class. I examined the California Social Science Standards, and selected 12.4 – Students analyze the unique roles and responsibilities of the three branches of government as established by the U.S. Constitution. I took a few moments and reflected on my week of class discussions and then I had an idea. Instead of, and in addition to, reviewing only the key terms of our textbook, I could have students use technology and access the official websites of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. There, they could choose to examine the topics, bills, and subjects that interest them the most, and theorize how they would be affected by the results of the decisions of the Legislative branch of government. 

The San Diego Christian College Program is preparing me to be a more professional, thoughtful, and reflective planner for my classroom. I am creating more engaging content, because I am enjoying my own learning and personal planning. The effect is paying dividends that will benefit my current and future students.


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