In Master’s Vlog #17 following my Master’s Degree of Arts in Teaching program at San Diego Christian College, I discuss how my reading and research motivated me to connect with my students in a  new way. I also explore the benefit of Socratic seminars. I took advantage of a chance to show my creative side and inspire my students by participating in my school’s teacher talent show. The online Master’s program requires us to respond to at least two online discussion posts each week, and that has opened up some new ideas about how to approach my teaching in new ways. An opportunity came for me to practice what I am experiencing, and encourage my students to do the same. This chance came in the form of our teacher talent show. I was already interested in participating in one act, by playing one of my original songs. I have a podcast that I write new songs for each week.


That wasn’t unplanned, but the next step was. Since my Master’s program has encouraged me to widen my horizons in terms of ethical considerations, research, and planning, I decided to be a good example for my students and branch out. I joined three additional acts, including dancing to a song by the Backstreet Boys with four other colleagues as a way to fit in and show my fun side to my students. This was a great way for me to extend further beyond my comfort zone, just like I am doing in pursuing an advanced degree in education from San Diego Christian College. It allowed me to suggest my students follow my example and open themselves up to enriching experience, Additionally, it let me have fun in a  responsible, controlled and collaborative way with my fellow teaching staff, and entertained the student body. It was a big win-win, and it was because i was already in the mind frame of challenging myself and extending my limits to become a more engaging and inspiring teacher.


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