In Master’s Vlog #41 from San Diego Christian College, I explore some of the early data collection from my Action Research (See episode 39). I wanted to find out whether there is a connection between assessment scores of my United States History students with having a podcast review lesson available for listening. To have a greater sense of analysis and conclusion, I decided to stretch the observation of the intervention through a mini-unit, a series of lessons. In this manner the results would have more weight than the results of a single event or assessment. I selected my 90 Juniors in United States History classes for a consistent group of participants.

The primary data was promising. The assessments that carried a podcast with them resulted in an average higher score of 5%. This was informative for me, as I decide when and how often I should include these podcast sessions for review. I was also heartened to see that many of my students, the vast majority, did access the podcast for review. This was a good reminder for me that the process is, at minimum, worthwhile for my time and investment in production. I was happy to see so many students taking me up on the offer for the extra review.

The next step for me is to analyze the results in larger context and compare to a few more events. This will give me more data and allow me to make conclusions. I look forward to breaking down the data and form some data tables to make the results easier to analyze for my readers. This process will inform my teaching practices going forward. I will also make conclusions about the reporting of how listening to the podcast affected the time and energy levels of my students to better understand how they feel about the listening and reviewing process.

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