In Master’s Vlog #40 from San Diego Christian College, I discuss the importance of having a support system around you as a teacher. There will be challenges, and you want to have supportive, reassuring, and thoughtful group of people around you to boost you through difficult times.

Finding your support as a teacher is crucial to maintaining your balance. I talk to my wife to help me through negativity and adversity. Further, I call my mom on occasion. Those two people who represent belonging remind us of our strength or guide us to possible solutions. Further than that, I try and turn negativity into energy of correction, or positive energy in a different direction. An example is that when something negative happens to me, or when failure occurs, I make a donation to Charity: Water. That way, the frustration I feel results in the end of suffering for someone else. I feel like something good is coming out of it therefore.

The most courageous thing I can do for myself is to continue building. Quitting is not option. Never give up. Keep getting up when you get knocked down. I try not to let the gatekeepers of one area keep me from reaching new heights in other areas, or trying to find other ways through barriers. I think there are multiple paths to happiness, and I will make sure one of them opens up for me for any particular day.

I also think courage can be helping others. There are many people who have less than we do. Helping lift someone else can be a way to share our grace with others. How small are we, really, when we can elevate others, and that’s the world I want to live in. Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. In challenges, successes, or failure, I turn to donate time, energy, or money, to helping someone else, somewhere.

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