In Vlog #3, following my journey to my master’s Degree in teaching from San Diego Christian College, I provide an inside look into my first project completed for my Ed 601 course. We were asked to choose an ethical theme to analyze with research from academic journals and texts, reflect, and prepare responses in a presentation format. I decided to create my presentation in Google Slides, and then added a video narration in the bottom corner using Powerpoint. This is the first of two ethical presentations we will need to give during our Ed 01 course. I really enjoyed the assignment actually. It required me to read, think critically, and plan out a direction for how compassion can improve my teaching methods and make me a more well-rounded and considerate instructor.


I enjoyed this assignment because it helped me become familiar with the extensive array of scholarly journals, books, and articles available at the San Diego Christian College library online. The interface allows you to save, bookmark, and even download selected materials to store for reference. I benefited from this organization by keeping multiple sources open in tabs on my internet browser. There was even an assisting tool for APA citations that I found useful, having not implemented them over the past few years of teaching.


I used a combination of research and theory with examples and practice that could be implemented into my teaching lessons. The research informed me on being a more compassionate and considerate teacher, and putting myself into the shoes of several ethical dilemmas as well.  I hope you enjoy this peak into my coursework towards my Master’s of Arts Degree in teaching from San Diego Christian College!


Tune in next week to see how I interact with other students and discuss the week’s key concepts through my program at San Diego Christian College in Vlog #4.


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