My Master’s Vlog for week 4 is all about grace. Dr. Lorri Ague (our course professor) sent a thoughtfully crafted email to us at the start of our 3-day weekend. In her own words, “Grace conjures many meanings—the grace of a ballerina; the polite charm of a gentleman; or the divine gift of unmerited favor and forgiveness.” Grace means we give students chances to succeed, even if that means a second, third, or fourth chance. With that kind of patience in mind, we really start to understand what our goals for students can be. I like the ability to discuss grace, and develop it with my class collaboratively. I discuss more about this process in my vlog, and how the Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching is playing into my progression towards a more professional, and research-based teacher toolkit.


The Master’s of Arts Degree in teaching begins with a course in Ethics, and we are entering week 4.This week I was able to incorporate ethical considerations into my teaching. As I plan my 90 minute U.S. History and Government classes for my high school students, I considered ways that I can bring ethical guidance and teachable moments into my classroom. We will discuss teachable moments more in week 9.. Here are some of the ways that I have expanded my view and considerations of grace in the classroom this week in my Master’s Program:


-We should remember that our students are often enduring more stress than that of homework and tests, and that the multiple dimensions of life, and challenges outside of school, may also be weighing on our students’ minds when they enter our classroom.

-We should remember that grace is not conditional. We need to extend forgiveness and second chances, even if it takes more than one of them to help students achieve their goals.

-We are part of formational years for our students. Are we modeling behavior that we would like to see reflected back from society in the future?

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