In this vlog I show you how to navigate your Populi online Student portal and Dashboard for San Diego Christian College. I walk you through how to submit assignments, read information and announcements, and how easy it is to understand your next task completion with San Diego Christian College and their online student portal.


I was so eager to login and there was an orientation that was prompt and efficient for looking through the key areas of Populi, the web portal. I was impressed first with how clean and well-arranged everything was. I had taken online classes with cluttered layouts before, and I was glad to see that San Diego Christian College has a clear-cut, simple interface. The next thing I did after logging in was request my textbooks to Amazon Kindle account. It took less than 60 seconds to verify, download, and get into my books. That was faster than waiting at the line for a student store. Fantastic!


I loved that my first class, Ed 601, was completely unlocked for browsing, reading lectures, and viewing assignments, on day one of the course. I am a huge self-starter, and I think that this open nature makes the ideal way to study online. It is truly work at your own pace, without waiting for doors to be open to you.


I looked around online for about a month to find the right program that was right for me. I wanted courses that would simulate the ethical areas of teaching, an understanding of mindset and personality was important to me. San Diego Christian College offers a diverse set of courses in their Master’s of Arts in teaching program. I found verification of this ideal as I started to read my required texts, and reading the comments of my professor. She started with a very warm introduction, and asked us to share the same level of detail in our own communication. This made me feel welcomed, and a part of an online community that would become important later in the course, I was sure. This portal gives students to chance to read, consider, share, and relate information we are leaning ro research and theory in a direct, simple, and meaningful way. In a way, it is easier to listen to thoughts carefully composed, and respond thoughtfully, in this online setting.

Join me for my first project, a video discussing an ethical dilemma in teaching, in Vlog #3!

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