In my Master’s Vlog #11, I talk about inspiration to seize the moments of personal development when they arise in my classroom. I had the chance to develop the idea that was presented in my research on being a lifelong learner. We can be the examples for our students. We can share ideas of our learning. This behavior demonstrates our desire to learn, improve, and seek out information, and that it is ok to not know all of the answers. We can all grow together, and I was inspired to share that message this week in the discussion forum of the Master’s of Arts in teaching program at San Diego Christian College.


A colleague was facing an ethical dilemma and looking for a solution that would satisfy parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and students in a disagreement over library book content. I thought of the idea of a ballot that allowed each party present to suggest the best course of action, and 2 other possible solutions that were acceptable, and this ended up presenting a mutually agreed upon solution without furthering to escalate the conflict.


My suggestion helped someone else find a solution, which made me feel accomplished and valued as a contributor to the student’s comments, and even garnered some additional suggestions on improving on my idea from other students that read and commented. The moment was so effective that it inspired me to make today’s installment of my master’s Vlog on this very subject, in the hopes it might inspire someone else to find a solution for themselves or others today. Thanks for watching!


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