I’m preparing for my third week in the online Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from San Diego Christian College. I am getting to know my students, and today, we get the chance to meet my professor together for my ED 601 course about Ethics in Education. Dr. Lori Ague is the Dean of the Non Traditional and Graduate Studies Department, and Acting Chair of the Education Department at San Diego Christian College. Dr. Lori has been a welcoming and warm instructor through the first two weeks of the program that we have now completed.


Dr. Lori and I discuss the benefits of an online degree program, how more and more people are seeking degrees online, and how educators can grow as researching professionals in the MAT program at SDCC. She explores her career in education, and what she loves about instructing teachers to improve their toolkit and become more compassionate teachers. I talked about how I can already feel the class coming together and getting to know each other, and Dr. Lori reviews how closely bonded her classes often become after responding and discussing their research week after week.


One of the ways I have incorporated my learning so far is by starting each of my high school classes with a piece of positive news, before diving into the current events, news of the day, and our historical standards. This helps create a positive, motivating, and uplifting class, and bonds us closer together. I think it helps us see the good in the world, and set some sort of appreciation for humanity before we dive into the challenging issues of history class.


Dr. Lori closes with her goals for Master’s students online, and welcomes people from all places and backgrounds to find out more information about the programs at San Diego Christian College, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have as well from the student perspective.


For more information please visit https://sdcc.edu/graduate/master-arts-teaching/