From last week’s Master’s Vlog episode, I outlined my initial plans for my Action Research Project at San Diego Christian College. This week I learned more about the requirements, and started planning, with revisions to that original plan. I will talk about how the research process, literature review, and reading have altered my course into a more appropriate set of research questions.

Colleagues have helped inspire me throughout the journey of my Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from San Diego Christian College. Specifically, Courtney, Dora, and Morgan brought me positive comments and constructive feedback. Their feedback on my posts and observations from their classrooms have helped me consider improvements for my own methods, research, and planning. Morgan helped change my plan from general homework assignment research to podcast assignment research, with her comment a few weeks ago, “it would be very interesting to explore if there is an effective timing or way to assign homework or is there really any purpose to it at all? “ I really like how a simple sentence from a colleague had the power to improve my projection and angle to a whole new question and method.

Besides the research I have also been reminded to be mindful about things I want to do, and explicit with how to approach them. Courtney said: “I would also like to use restorative practices to cut down inappropriate, or disruptive behavior such as rolling around on the rug, bullying, name-calling, time off task.” That’s true, and we sidetrack these ideas for lesson plan, but once and a while we need to make these the main course for the start of a class and work to build that community consistently to make it real for students.

We have encouraged each other to revise, refine, revisit, and most of all, to go for it. My proposal was sharpened by my colleagues. I am excited to thank them in this note. THANK YOU!

In the second course, I am eager, but want to know how to do each portion of the research correctly. I would love to see some finished examples from SDC students, and I also look forward to continuing to vlog the experience.

Thanks Professor and colleagues!

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