In Master’s Vlog #25, I talk about my student survey, and how getting to know students is the first step towards offering equity in the classroom. I also hand out a cultural and interests survey. Understanding students is the first step of including them. In my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Program from San Diego Christian college, we are writing research papers about how our school’s demographics, Equity for students should be a goal for all teachers. I have been reading academic journals that are showing successful schools offer equity and acceptance to students from all cultures. This challenge includes understanding for how different cultures have varying needs in varying areas. As I am currently researching, this video will be an introductory to how my thinking is evolving. In laer videos, I will explore more about how my research is informing my writing and preparations for my classes.

Attempting to understand the needs of all students takes time and effort, but is the role of a truly caring instructor. I care deeply about creating an open and collaborative environment, and inviting perspectives from all backgrounds and cultures enhance our class, and not only about issues related to culture. Each of our unique perspectives can create a wider lens on the world.

In this video I talk briefly about some of the ways that the Master’s of Arts in Teaching Program from San Diego College is helping my cognitive approach to student interactions. I think more than ever about the learners in my class, as I prepare to teach. This helps me plan for the needs of my students, and reminds me to value input from the class to enrich the variety of perspectives in the room. This becomes a benefit to all the students in the room and helps everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. 


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