In Master’s Vlog #4 I explore a discussion board inside the San Diego Christian College dashboard for their Master’s of Arts in Teaching program. I review and respond to a fellow student to finish my second discussion post of the week. I also discussed the advantages of collaborating in an online portal. In San Diego Christian’s Populi dashboard, a few clicks brings us to the screen where we discuss our current reading materials in our Ed 801 class. Dr. Lorri Ague has set very clear standards, students are expected to post Graduate Level Responses. Our teacher clearly lays out the expectations using the acronym GREAT, to be considered a contribution worthy of full points, as defined by Dr. Lorri Ague, this is a response that satisfies 5 requirements for a quality post and grade:


– Grammar, spelling, and organization

– Relevant information to the readings, assigned question, or ongoing discussion

– Engaging for other learners through your own interpretation and research

– Addition of new information or generation of new questions

– Timely posting so that learners and instructors can respond


These reasonable and clear expectations helped reassure me that if I put in the proper effort and followed instructions, then I could expect to receive the grade I felt was fair for the work provided. With that in mind, I was freely able to focus on the textbook reading each week and jot down notes for my weekly discussions. Then I would re-visit the channel and read my colleagues’ posts. I benefited from ideas and considerations that I had not thought of in my own responses. We were enriched by reading various perspectives, and gained a respect for how different professional educators might have different approaches to the dilemmas presented in the first week’s case studies that we read.


I am discovering that this online dialogue system replaces the shyness, awkwardness, and sometimes dominance of a few students that can sometimes take place in physical classrooms. This Master’s of Arts in Teaching program encourages an equal amount of classroom participation, and directs an equitable amount of responses based on your interaction and contribution to the group. This becomes an advantage of San Diego College’s program. Clearly apparent, students have time to prepare thoughtful and reflective responses at their own leisure, and can be read and appreciated by more of their fellow students. Also, the Christian nature of the program seems to foster a respectful, dignified, and sensitive understanding that nurtures the development and growth of ideas in the discussions of week 1 so far.


Next week I will discuss my expectations for week two, give you a glimpse into the upcoming projects to avoid procrastination, and write my discussion posts for the second week. See you then!


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