In my 7th Master’s of Arts in Teaching Vlog from San Diego Christian College, I explore some of the discussions, contributions, and interactions I am having with some of my classmates. My colleague Courtney has been working a bit ahead, as I have, which is a wonderful part of the freedom of an online Master’s of Arts degree program at San Diego Christian College. We have found ourselves meeting as some of the early respondents each week to the questions posted in our Ed 601 Ethics class, and our textbook writing prompts. This week I discuss how the dynamics of online class discussion boards work in favor of their students.


I focus this episode on the dynamics of interacting with other students through the online discussion board. We are asked to post weekly about the reading of the course and to reply to each other in detail. I have noticed a few students that are posting frequently around the time that I am contributing, and we are establishing regular dialogue. Through this interchange I am thinking through a wider array of perspectives on the issues and ethical dilemmas of teaching that we are focusing in on our Ethics class. Personalities are starting to shine through in the words we are sharing in week 3 of the online course and I am enjoying the back and forth between my colleagues and myself.


I focus on a particular case study about a fictitious student, Tim, who is in jeopardy of not graduating after an episode of academic dishonesty. There is a dispute over how to resolve this, and what consequences that (remove) Tim should face as a result. There is a clear set of rules, and our discussion surrounds the proper course of action that should result. I found myself in agreement for the most part, but with a differing view of how Tim should be approached to repair his relationship with the school, and put him back towards a track for successful completion of his high school program.


Overall, the discussions of the online program help us think more critically and plan more effectively for the diversity of students and modern experiences that we will need to navigate as teachers. Join us next week for more in my progress towards my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Program from San Diego Christian College.


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