In my Master’s Vlog 43, I take a time out from writing my literature review to talk about how it is going. As a self-starter that is driven to try and stay ahead of the workload in my online Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from San Diego Christian College, I wrote my professor yesterday. I wanted to inquire about ways to get ahead in the program. I wanted to know about organization and working ahead, this is her response:

“Generally, you have three ” themes” where you report on research related to your project–each theme should get approximately 3 pages. There is a format for the final report –that may be in MAT 650. I’ll try to get that sent to you shortly. Getting the lit review done would be huge!”

So that’s what I did, I set out this morning, with a window of two hours, to finish the grading for my own students, and set to work on the literature review. I started looking at a few related examples from researchers on the internet. This was very helpful and provided some good models for consideration and planning.

One more note came to all of my classmates form Professor Smith today, “My Mom often said the best way to overcome discouragement was to take a look around–it’s pretty easy to find others who are dealing with much greater challenges that we!” That is good motivation going forward, to focus, work hard, and be grateful.

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