Regarding overcoming challenges, thinking through the checklists in the text is one way to stay on top of difficulties. A good plan in the front end without thoughtful considerations for some of the variables and unknowns can yield some changes that may inoculate some potential challenges.

Regarding effecting change, collecting multiple data sources, with well-defined purpose and criteria can be helpful in overcoming some potential doubters. Being able to strive for excellence will increase the credibility of the results of the study.

If there is resistance from other teachers, I can speak with them. I do not anticipate anyone having a particular issue with trying something inventive, extra, and thoughtful that could benefit my students or give them a second chance at understanding material.

I made the podcasts myself. The one thing they might resent is that if there is found to be a successful relation that is positive between podcasts and students, there might one day be a greater push for teachers to invest even more time in creating materials outside the scope of their normal planning. If someone who is going above and beyond is achieving success, they might see this as a future call for even greater investment in their own classrooms, or resent the hours spent that are not necessarily being compensated for, and the expectation one day that they might share the same investment in innovation and investment of time and effort.

I would apply my learning, as Mills directs, to answer the “So What” question. The application of my research will allow me to determine if there is a change in the average score between tests without a review podcast and tests with a review podcast. I want to know if producing these podcasts, in my spare time, is producing a positive result for the performance of my students on the assessments that are taken.

Conversely, I would like to know, for my benefit as a teacher, and for my students, if the activity of listening to the podcasts has any detrimental effect on the energy levels of my classroom. If this activity is taking away from time that they feel is better spent on something else, then I would likely discontinue, or selectively limit, the availability of these podcast review programs. 

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