In continuation of my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Vlog #31, I spend a moment anticipating and previewing my expectations of my next class at San Diego Christian College. I have completed two classes so far that have expanded my teacher toolkit regarding ethical approaches to the classroom and community partnerships in multicultural education.

The description for the course states the following: “This course introduces MAT candidates to research methods in educational research through qualitative and action research methods. Candidates will continue to learn and demonstrate what it means to be a scholar practitioner and learn how to discern the level of credibility found in education to discern myth from scientifically based research. Candidates will explore characteristics of research, review different approaches, examine research studies, and engage in the stages of research. Goals for this course include: becoming a critical reflector of qualitative research, assist candidates in developing research skills, and prepare candidates for applying research methods to an action research project. It is intended that this course provide the foundation for developing a project that reflects the candidate’s passion, professionalism, and affirms their role as a scholar practitioner.”

My perception of this description is preparing me to invest time in reading, research, and qualitative evaluation of material. I look forward to the opportunity to reflect on the data and draw conclusions from those discoveries. I think that is something that could benefit many teachers in their planning and approach to the classroom. This is something I had not dedicated much time to, since the completion of my credential program several years ago. I think this information will help make me a more thoughtful and professional educator. 

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