In Vlog # 6 of my Master’s Degree journey, I explore some direct ways I have improved from the course reading, class discussions, and research conducted in my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Degree Program from San Diego Christian College.


My creativity has been enhanced by my fellow students in the program and our textbook, Making a Difference – Christian Educators on Public Schools. Each have been reminders to take time to invest in lessons and plans that allow students to harness their own creativity. I think about this often, but due to the pressures of time, standards, pacing, interruptions, relationships, and content, we sometimes get stuck in routines. This class has called my attention to making time to invest for the dividends of greater classroom involvement of my students.


Here are some ways I invested in my students this week, that you can do also. I spoke to my students on the tail end of a presentation they received about college and career readiness, it left them a bit overwhelmed and anxious. I shared a quote from my former freshman professor, Melba Beals, who was one of the Little Rock 9 that integrated Central High School in 1957, and who inspired me greatly during my first year in college. She told me not to fear, and that I was going to love where I was going.

The presence of mind of having done some early morning reading through my program materials helped me decide what to do next. I took a few more minutes out of my lesson plan to discuss with my students that if you work hard, are diligent, and make good ethical and moral decisions from a strong foundation, that they would also love where they are going in life. This served to be a great relief to them, as I could see their faces and body language relax.


I also shared positive news stories from around the world. The view that students get today from world news sources can be grim, and sometimes despairing. I am working on emulating the research I am doing in class from (use “the San Diego Christian College” rather than possessive form) San Diego Christian College’s Master’s Program, and diligently working harder to find positive stories and good inspiration from around the world to balance our atmosphere in the classroom. I am following my own words of wisdom, Melba’s, and the course textbooks. In just three weeks, I am already seeing real inspiration take hold in my classroom.


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