In my Final Master’s of Arts in Teaching Vlog from San Diego Christian College, I answer some questions and answers from comments and reflect on the year in review. Let’s get started!

  1. What changes have you made already to your teaching technique because of the SDCC MAT program? I was challenged to move beyond anecdotal feedback, and try and measure my ideas of what makes students successful based on data.
  2. What changes do you plan for the future? I plan to focus on making changes less from anecdotes, and make more changes based on research, proven methods, and meaningful. Reform to my instructional practices that will improve the chances of success for my students.
  3. What was your biggest challenge during the program? How did you overcome it? The sheer weight of the program, and the inferred difficulty. That overwhelming feeling was something I had to move aside in my mind. I was able to do it a few months in, when I stopped pressuring myself, and allowed myself to take each part of the program, and each course, one step at a time. We can not move a whole mountain at once, but we can excavate over time, and make the project more manageable with the tools we learn along the way.
  4. What assignment challenged you the most? Why? The final project, the Action research, and I explain why in the video, and how I was successful in the end.
  5. What assignment changed you the most? Why? Viewing literature from many different perspectives helped me develop my critical eye, look at things differently, and carry that perspective into the classroom.
  6. What were your expectations for this program when you started? Now that you have finished the program how has it exceeded your expectations? Where could they improve the program? I discuss the many ways that I have seen my expectations exceeded in this video.
  7. What advice would you give to someone who just enrolled with SDCC for the Master’s of Arts in Teaching? So many good things to share, towards the end of the video.

I sincerely hope that this vlog journey has been enlightening on the steps I have taken to earn my Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching.

Thank you for listening and following me on my journey!

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