In Master’s Degree Vlog #27 from San Diego Christian College, I discuss my research of restorative justice in the classroom. Restorative practices mean a lot to me, so I was eager to review these videos and enhance my approach to correcting relationships in the classroom. The Vancouver TedX video featuring Katy Hutchison talked about working hard to validate, not violate relationships, when we consider our responses to student actions. Getting tough means tears in many cases, and are we really concerned with preparing the emotional damage that gets carried with those tears? We know students will make poor choices. Are we larger than the problem in the way that we find solutions. Staying calm, being patient, and thinking with long-term relationships in mind can raise a more skilled future generation in handling their own relations and problem-solving.

I also watched a few videos, and read articles about bullying prevention. The consensus of these resource suggest discussing good and bad feelings that students have on a regular basis. There can be sharing that is challenging and difficult. Expression is a release. This helps create a proactive community that cares about strong, valued, relationships. This is a good start to a foundation for taking responsibility.

As students get older, they can be humble and compassionate, when they feel a part of a program that cares for them. Being a part of a larger group makes every individual more considerate, but only when their attention is regularly called to the importance of the group. Restorative justice circles can be an excellent way to achieve this goal.

Here are the five videos we watched in class, in case you want to participate in the same reflection that we took part in this week:

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