In Master’s Vlog #24, I discuss goal setting and planning for a successful action plan. When reading one of our textbooks, Making a Difference, by Donovan Graham, the author describes the difference between qualities of planning. How will we ready ourselves for the journeys we are undertaken? Some of the tactics that I outline for success are written below, and discussed in the video. I talk about setting goals with my students, and how I set the course of completion for each week of my online Master’s Degree from San Diego Christian College.

A strong success plan has actionable steps. This includes what you might do differently to begin thinking and preparing for success, the potential barriers in your way, resources that will help elevate you over these barriers, and ideas for how to approach steps to get you closer to your goals. I find it necessary to list goals in three main formats, short-term [0-3 months], middle-term [3-6 months], and long-term [6 months-1 year]. I like to have goals written in several categories, to make an array of improvements over time.

When your goals are completed, I recommend displaying them somewhere you will see them often. This is the reminder that you need to see not just your goals, the time frame, but also the next step to check off to reach closer to your final achievement. I feel great each week as I see the check mark appear next to completed assignments. I use motivation to build in excitement for each week. I am enjoying the course of my program, and the format of San Diego Christian College’s online program provides you the freedom to work at your own pace and succeed on your schedule.

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