This program contains content sponsored by San Diego Christian College, as I begin my journey to earn my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Degree.  Each week I will bring you a summary of my learning, activities, and interactions with students enrolled at San Diego Christian College, for their online Master’s in Teaching program.  San Diego Christian College presented me with an opportunity that could re-shape my educational future as a lifelong learner.


This is my first Master’s Degree Vlog. Selecting the right program, that is trusted, and proven was very important to me. Their Mission is simple, “As One Of The Top Southern California Christian Colleges, San Diego Christian College (SDC) Exists to educate and inspire students the truth of Scripture and the development of competencies. That balance is precisely the kind of trusted, and reliable Master’s Degree program that I was looking for. I will document my onboarding and first week’s work in the program next week, so subscribe and bookmark my new playlist for this vlog as I progress to my Master’s Degree!


San Diego Christian College is a distinguished and effective program. They will focus on developing my teacher toolkit that make me a more well-rounded educator. I am excited to expand, grow, and carry a mentality of exceeding my expectations throughout the course of the program.


Since I already possess a teaching credential, I am able to transfer in units, and now my Master’s of Arts in Teaching will only be an additional 15 units to earn from San Diego Christian College, its like starting out with lots of momentum! That’s amazing. This information, coupled with the brochure on their website, made me feel re-assured that this was the right online Master’s Degree program for my journey in education.


I am most excited about interacting with my professors and my fellow students. I hope to capture some interviews to also document their progress and learning throughout the series.


Join me in this series as I work my way to achieving and earning my Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching this year!


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