In my closeout Vlog for course 1 of my Master’s Degree of Arts in Teaching program at San Diego Christian College, I recap my learning from ED 601: Ethical Dispositions and Decision Making in Classroom Leadership. I summarize some of the ways that I am developing as a professional educator with a more advanced toolkit for approaching ethical situations and concerns as a teacher in the modern era. I am becoming a more reflecting planner, and a teacher who consults with peer-reviewed research to help inform my practices and approaches to ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in my school community.


I appreciated the ability to consult with my professor, Dr. Lorri Ague, to be guided by her lectures, and well as our course textbook. I appreciated her encouragement and guidance throughout the course, and knew that she was available if needed from the students in our course. I also appreciated the growing relationships with my classmates, whose responses helped me consider more viewpoints and perspectives on the case studies we examined, and on the stories and assistance we provided to each other for our focus students. We helped each other grow as an educational community during our online discussions.


Join me from february to May, in the next phase of my master’s degree Vlog journey, as I start my next course, ED 602: Community Partnerships in Multicultural Education. I look forward to this course as it allows me to dive deeper in the considerations and planning as an instructor of diverse students. I want to extend my celebration of culture in the classroom beyond the surface level appreciation, to a deeper, meaningful, and welcoming place for ideas and cultures of the many backgrounds that my students represent.

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