In Master’s Vlog #23, I discuss my weekly schedule and time management structures. This Vlog is meant to inspire teachers to earn their Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from San Diego Christian College. I am proving that it is possible to maintain a healthy work-life balance, while managing a full-time teaching position, a family with a young child, completing my weekly assignments and discussions, and even recording and editing the process in this Master’s Degree Vlog.

In this video I talked about concerns I had about time. I worried about the limited hours in a week. I was unsure that I would be able to balance the hours I wanted to invest as a first-year high school teacher, my 2-year old daughter, my songwriting hobby, and being able to relax and refresh each day for school. I am happy to announce at the 3-month mark that I am feeling successful and balanced. In this video I will talk more about how I am handling challenges, and managing to complete assignments not just on-time, but ahead of time.

One of the reasons I have been able to succeed thus far is due to the specifics of the San Diego Christian College MAT program. My Professors have been exceedingly supportive. They are responsive and care about their students, in the same way that they are supportive of their on-campus students. I was able to get started at my own pace, which let me stay on schedule, and even get ahead throughout the two courses that I have started so far.


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