In my Master’s Vlog #10, I visit the library at San Diego Christian College. I explore one of the greatest assets at the hands of  Master’s of Arts in Teaching Degree – the online library. With an extensive selections of academic journals, articles, books, and videos, students can find an array of professional and vetted research in a moment’s notice. It is hard to go back to a simple web search once you have experienced the ease and knowledge of the San Diego Christian College library database.  


I took a screen capture video of my search for information to guide me through a research project for my Ed 601 course and discussion prompts. I found myself with the need to research “teachable moments”. I found two relevant resources very quickly. Not only that, I was able to find citation assistance instantly, for those of you who might be intimidated by citation requirements, the library website at San Diego Christian College makes this really simple.


I enjoy the research process online. It saves my hands from getting dusty at the library, or the finding process of trying to look for things that have not been returned or shelved yet. Additionally, I enjoy the Kindle app, and the ability to highlight, bookmark, search, and switch books seamlessly and without carrying texts along with me. This is the single most efficient arrangement of educational research and data that I have experienced, and is one of the times that I am glad to live in an era of access to peer-reviewed, professional, educational research materials. It is one of the most rewarding aspect of SDC’s MAT program.



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