In Master’s Vlog #30, our teacher asked us to visit… and observe an assignment about writing a poem about ourselves. Through a series of I am statements, we were able to connect to some of the core essence of enjoyment that we see in life.
I am a wireless video game controller.
I am planning ahead.
I am the arc of a basketball three-point shot.
I am a Guster album.
I am a multi-faceted communicator.
I am Mr. Rogers testifying to the Senate on the value of children in 1969.
I am spinning plates.
I am a good joke at the lunch table in the staff room.
I am a fun vacation friend.
I am a teacher that cares to be dynamic and kind.

In this poem I found respite. I have written many pages of research, with minimal reflection, over the past few weeks. I have been trying to find ways to bring new research, find new materials, and study various sources regarding multicultural partnerships. There had not been as much time for personal reflection. This closing activity was a welcome bit of inward dive. I thought about some of the things I enjoyed, stopped worrying about filtering, and was just myself. I read the same from many of my classmates who posted in the online discussion board. It was a rewarding and interesting look into the various minds that are making waves in the future of education leadership through San Diego Christian College.

This Vlog will signal a change into a new course that will start soon. Take a moment to review some of the wonderful videos as we complete #30. This has been a journey, and I am glad you are here to share it with me. Thanks for watching.

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