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At San Diego Christian College, we understand that choosing a college is an important decision for both students and parents. We value family and strive to provide seamless communication and direction to help you make the best decision for your student.


Please reach out to our Admissions Team if you have any questions
phone: 800.676.2242

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For over 40 years, San Diego Christian College has equipped students academically with a biblical worldview to be culturally and globally involved. SDCC is committed to investing in students who are eager to learn, create, and grow as they find their purpose and pursue their passion. 


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We believe that San Diego Christian College is a place where your students will grow in your walk with God as they seek to find your purpose and pursue their passion. We know that choosing the right college is a big decision, and we have designed our tours and visit events to help you as you go through this process. 


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Student Housing

Life is not meant to be lived alone…. it is always better with a strong, vibrant family of friends around you! Our Resident Apartments are located 1.8 miles off campus and are a great experience for students transitioning into adulthood. Students enjoy Our high-quality full-service cafeteria located on campus.


Resident Apartments

Financial Aid

At SDCC, all of our traditional undergraduate students receive financial aid from a variety of sources. At our institution, students not only invest in their education, but also in their spiritual formation, leadership potential, and impact for the kingdom of God. This is why we believe SDCC is worth your investment.


Financial Aid