Coming to SDC has been absolutely amazing. I hail from Washington – and no not Seattle – I’m from the tiny town of Colville over on the Eastside. After I graduated from Community College I planned on attending Eastern Washington University that Fall.

The summer before I left for University I went to a Discipleship and Evangelism training in Portland. We would take classes in the morning on how to share the Gospel, approaching people, and digging deeper in our faith. I remember sitting in one of the lectures and thinking, “Man, I would love to be at a school where we sit in classes and learn about God.” I was sitting there and I heard God tell me, “Why don’t you go?” And it was at that moment that I knew I needed to withdraw from EWU and enroll in a Christian college. I came home, told my parents – who were incredibly supportive of my decision – and decided that I would go to a Christian college.

I really had no idea where to start looking for Christian colleges, so I met with my pastor to give me some advice. He had two schools in mind for me and one of them was San Diego Christian College. His son had gone here and he said it was an amazing school. I applied here and was accepted!

Moving 1,500 miles away is a bit nerve-wracking, but once I was down here everything felt right. Every semester keeps getting better and better, and I feel like it is God reassuring me that I am doing the right thing and in the right place. I thought I would be homesick a lot, but as it turns out, I love living on my own! I remember being excited to make friends and meet people that shared the same faith. My first friend was my roommate, we did a lot together, but eventually, we found our own little groups and grew closer to them. A great thing about college is that you can continue to make friends. There will be people that you will continue to meet throughout your time here. My friends and I share the same faith and have the same goal in mind: follow God and get our degree while having fun!

The close friends I have now are amazing and all I did was make myself available to do things with different people.

…my faith has been strengthened, I made amazing friends, and I will get a degree that will open many doors for me.

The best thing about SDCC is the amazing people you will meet here. SDCC prides itself on being a tight-knit community, and I have to agree, that is the best part of going to school here. When you make genuine friends your time here will be super fun and absolutely incredible! My favorite part of San Diego is how great it is here! It is a lot different than Colville; the beach, the sun, the laid-back feel are all great aspects of San Diego. I am incredibly glad I made the decision to come to San Diego Christian College; my faith has been strengthened, I made amazing friends, and I will get a degree that will open many doors for me.

Rachel Heggenberger is a senior and communication major at SDCC.