In many ways, earning a college degree is a fresh start in life. This is true if you are a high school student going directly into college. But it especially applies to adult learners who have returned to school to earn a college degree.


Even though a degree can change your life, many people end up leaving college before completion. The statistics tell the sad story. Only 28% of incoming freshmen complete a degree in four years. After six years, only 48% earn a degree.


There are many reasons people might leave an online college degree program or a traditional program. But there are many more reasons to stay the course and earn the degree! Keep some of the following in mind before leaving a program.


Remember Why You Started


Many of the reasons to stay in school revolve around the reasons you entered an online degree program in the first place. Online degree programs provide students with many advantages. Chief among them are:


  • Flexibility. You can view lectures and do coursework at the most convenient time for you.
  • Choices. Whether you live in San Diego, somewhere else in California or the other side of the country, you can enter the degree program you want through San Diego Christian College’s online programs. 
  • Balance. You can maintain your current  job while earning your degree.


You’re Going to Make More Money


There’s one inescapable fact about college graduates: They make more money. Yes. it’s possible to strike it rich with only a high school diploma. But earning a college degree gives you a much better chance to earn a good salary. The federal government reports that those with a bachelor’s degree earn $1,198 per week, while those with a high school diploma earn $730.


Building a Better Network


The network you build in college is often the network that will serve you well the rest of your life. You simply cannot guess when a person you befriended in college will get a job with an important company and then help you get a job there, too. Networking like that is how many jobs are filled.


Broadening Your Horizons


So much of what is written about college focuses on pay and learning popular job skills. These are important but only one aspect of the experience. Earning a college degree expands your horizons by learning about other cultures, languages, history, literature – the list goes on and on. Outside of your core courses, you can always take classes in areas that interest you.


Help Launch a Business


The idea of the self-made billionaire who didn’t need to go to college is a myth. Yes, there are examples, including famous ones such as Steve Jobs. However, one-third of all entrepreneurs these days have a college degree. A degree in business or in the industry you hope to run a business in can only help your chances at success.


Expand Your Options


The best jobs usually go to college graduates. Georgetown University reported that since the recession, about 35% of all new jobs went to those with a bachelor’s degree and another 30% went to those with an associate’s degree. More recently, MarketWatch reported that nine out of every 10 new jobs went to those with a bachelor’s degree in a recent one-year period..


These are some of the main reasons to say in school and earn your degree. Getting a degree is hard. But that’s what makes earning it a success worth celebrating. It’s also something that could change the course of your life.