Aviation Scholarships

Scholarships for Aviation Students

Aviation is expensive… Flight fees over and above tuition costs means aviation majors must plan more carefully than others not to be saddled with unnecessary debt upon graduation. SDC offers financial aid to most all students, including aviation majors. Additionally, SDC is a member of the University Aviation Association and there are numerous scholarships available to UAA member schools. The following list is not all inclusive but lists the major scholarships available to men and women in aviation.

We encourage our students to apply for as many scholarships as they may be eligible. Many organizations want to help fund young aviators in order to inspire them to make aviation a career. Applying for scholarships can be a part time job – that pays better than a full time job. Consider that 3 hours spent preparing a resume, application and support package with letters of recommendation could net many thousands of dollars. The same amount of time working a part time job at near minimum wage may only produce a few dollars by comparison. Scholarship application is a good use of your time and could reduce your long time debt.

University Aviation Association Scholarship Resources

These scholarships are made available through the University Aviation Association which SDC is a member. Some of the links may have changed and others have been updated. The important thing with scholarships is to make sure you fill out the application accurately and to the letter of the instructions. Make sure you apply by the deadline. Download: UAA Scholarship Booklet

Missionary Program

SDC’s Missionary Pilot Loan Forgiveness Program is designed to mitigate the college debt load that prevents pilots from serving in the mission field following graduation. If you believe God has called you to a vocation as missionary pilot, you can qualify for a loan to cover all your flight fees by enrolling in the SDC the Aviation Technology bachelor degree program. The loan would be forgiven if you go into the ministry upon graduation. You can apply for the Missionary Pilot Loan Forgiveness Program.

Applicants may receive a phone call to verify the information on the application. The selection committee will review the applications and make the award commensurate with the applicant’s testimony, sincerity, strength of conviction, aptitude for flying and aviation maintenance, and passion for mission aviation. Each student chosen will receive flight fees for each semester applied to flight training costs only. Students are still responsible for tuition, room and board, books, fees, aviation supplies in Program Fees and transportation.

The loan will be forgiven at a rate of 25% per year, for each year the student works for an approved missionary aviation organization upon graduation. Students will have two years from graduation to be hired by a missionary organization after which the loan must be repaid to the missionary loan fund so it can be distributed to another missionary aviation student. Students who serve fewer than four years in the mission field must repay a prorata share of their loans back to the fund – just as any college loan must be repaid.

This extraordinary funding opportunity has been made available through the Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor, and the SMCC Missions Board, Dr. Gary Coombs, Pastor.


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FAA Education Resources

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