Aaron Ruth, a senior English major at San Diego Christian College recently self-published a collection of poems he wrote in a book called Alone Together. For the description of his book, Aaron writes, “I wrote this book to explore the concepts of ‘alone’ and ‘lonely.’ Throughout the past couple years, I have experienced the three chapters in this book: alone, Alone, and Alone Together. I also have realized that everyone is facing these exact same issues in their life, so this book was written as a way to let everyone know that they do not have to go through life alone.”

“This book is a collection that has been growing consistently for roughly five years now,” Aaron said, “with some seasons producing more poems than others.”

Dr. Joe Sarnowski, Chair of the English department praised Aaron’s work saying, “Aaron’s poetry is a faithful reflection of its author: it is approachable, unpretentious, easy-going, but also poignant, intelligent, and thought-provoking. Readers of all stripes should find Alone Together worthwhile.”

You can purchase ‘Alone Together’ here on amazon.com