SDCC Institutional Aid Policy

Institutional funding is provided for students enrolled full-time in the Traditional program.  When awarding Institutional Financial Aid, the College endeavors to equitably assist as many students as possible.  The following guidelines are used in achieving this goal:
  • Institutional awards are considered a secondary resource and are credited to a student’s account after all other Federal and State Grants and Private Scholarships have been applied.  Any Institutional award that a student is eligible to receive will NOT be authorized until the student has submitted applications to possible Federal and State grant programs.
  • These awards may not be used for items such as personal expenses, insurance, fees, meal cards, SDCC Bookstore purchases, or refunded in cash.
  • Institutional awards may be less than their maximum value if gift aid from all sources exceeds tuition and on-campus room/board, or the unmet need as determined by the FAFSA.  They may also be reduced due to the Institutional Aid percentage caps as follows:

SDCC Institutional awards are capped at a percentage of full-time tuition charges as follows:

  • All SDCC Institutional Aid must not exceed 50% of full-time tuition.
  • For students receiving athletic scholarships, all SDCC Institutional Aid must not exceed the total costs of full-time tuition and on-campus room and board.  This cap incorporates all other grants received from federal, state, and private sources.  All aid for International students is tuition-based only.
  • Any student who does not complete a semester for which he/she enrolls will forfeit their Institutional awards.  The student remains responsible for the appropriate percentage of charges incurred.
  • A student must enroll full-time (≥ 12 credits each semester) to receive Institutional aid.
  • Renewable Institutional awards require that a student maintain full-time, consecutive enrollment.
  • Institutional awards are figured assuming annual enrollment, and therefore split evenly between the fall and spring semesters.  They may not be applied all in one semester.
  • Students who desire Institutional Aid and wish to claim an exemption from applying for Federal/State Aid must qualify for and sign the FAFSA Waiver.
  • Institutional awards have no liquid cash value.  They serve only to reduce direct educational expenses assessed by the SDCC Student Accounts Office. Consideration for Institutional aid is granted only to those students who have completed their Financial Aid file prior to the first day of classes.  A student’s eligibility to apply for Institutional aid may be revoked for one semester if he/she fails to meet file completion requirements.