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International Students

International Students

Thank you for your interest in San Diego Christian College! We look forward to helping you through the application process.

Since its inception in 1970, San Diego Christian College (SDC) has been home to a diverse student population with many of our students coming from numerous countries around the world. Currently, we have 14 countries represented on our campus. The Admissions department is here to help international students through the application process, with an experienced staff committed to helping international students take the necessary steps to reach their educational goals at SDC.

Steps to Apply

Submit the following documents. Once they have been submitted, your file will be complete and ready for an admission decision within two weeks.

  1. Application with Essays

Complete and submit your official application for admission.

  1. High School and College Transcripts

Transcripts must be translated to English by a member of (if the school was not in the United States) and must show the name of the institution, dates of attendance, credentials received, individual courses taken and the U.S. equivalent credit/unit value and grade. Transcripts are considered official only when sent by an institution in a sealed envelope directly to:

Office of Admissions
San Diego Christian College
200 Riverview Parkway
Santee, California, 92071

  1. SAT or ACT Scores

Submit SAT or ACT scores requested through or The test score requirement is waived for students that have completed 24 or more units of college credit.

  1. English Requirements

Applicants from countries whose primary language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency in one of the following ways to ensure a successful experience at SDC.

  • TOEFL Scores: A recent official test score report with a minimum of 61 on the internet based test, or 500 on the paper-based test.
  • IELTS Score: A recent official test score report with a minimum of 6.
  • Completion of 30 transferable academic units from an accredited institution in the U.S. with a GPA of 2.5 or above.


  1. Bank Statement

Official bank statement in English showing a student has the financial means to pay for one year of attendance (APR $40,000) at SDC. 

6. Affidavit Form

7. Valid Passport 

Important Deadlines — Fall
  • Complete application deadline: June 1
  • Deposit Deadline: June 15
  • Payment Deadline: July 1
Important Deadlines — Spring
  • Completed Application Deadline: November 1
  • Deposit Deadline: November 15
  • Payment Deadline: December 1

The F-1 Student Visa

The F-1 student visa is a nonimmigrant visa. In order for this visa to be issued, the applicant must provide proof that:

  • He or she has a permanent residence outside of the U.S. which they have no intention of abandoning.
  • He or she is desirous to obtain temporary nonimmigrant status into the United States for the sole purpose of engaging in a full-time course of study at San Diego Christian College, who issued them the I-20 Form.
  • Applicants for an F-1 student visa will need to apply at the closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate of their permanent residence. The U.S. Consular will require an interview with the applicant, and it is required for the applicant to present a valid passport and the I-20 Form as well as the proof of financial support. Each applicant for an F-1 student visa must also submit the following information:
    • Forms DS-156, DS-157, and DS-158.
    • A valid passport for travel to the U.S.
    • One or more photographs, based on the requirements specified.
    • I-20 Form from San Diego Christian College.
    • Proof of financial support from a financial institution.
    • Pay the one time $120.00 SEVIS fee online before the consular interview.

Mexican or Canadian citizens admitted to the United States either as an F-1 or F-3 status as “border commuter students” are admitted for a fixed period of time that coincides with the term of session end-date on their I-20 Form. They are not admitted for “duration of status” like regular F-1 students. A new I-20 Form is required for each new semester.

To qualify you must:

  • Be a Canadian or Mexican citizen.
  • Be registered as a border commuter student.
  • Attend a U.S. College located within 75 miles of the border.
  • Be enrolled in a degree program, pursuing it part-time.
  • Maintain actual residence and place of abode in their country of citizenship, and commute through a land border port-of-entry to the U.S. for study.

I-20 Requirements

The I-20 Form (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status) is issued by the Admissions Department of San Diego Christian to international students who have been accepted into SDC’s degree program.

Evidence of financial support from a financial institution is required in the amount stated on the I-20 Form before the I-20 Form can be prepared for the international student. This proof of financial support must be submitted in the pre-application stage of the admissions process.


Once a student receives notice of acceptance to San Diego Christian College, the next step is to pay a $500 tuition deposit before the I-20 will be processed. If the student does not have a U.S. bank, payment can be made by calling the Student Accounts Office to make a payment over the phone. Students who are paying with a U.S. debit/credit card can make payment here .

Once the student has submitted his/her tuition deposit, an I-20 will be generated for the student and mailed to their home address. The student must then make an appointment with the embassy in his/her home country in order to apply for an F-1 student Visa. The student must bring their valid I-20 (along with the documentation listed below) to the appointment.

SEVIS Database

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is an Internet database system designed to track International students while they are in the United States.

While in the United States, F-1 International students must report correct and up to date information regarding their personal information, U.S. address, enrollment status, and academic progress to the Admissions Office. The PDSO will then enter this information into the SEVIS database.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important for a nonimmigrant student to maintain his or her immigrant status while in the United States. It is the responsibility of the International student to keep all immigrant documents current. If an International student fails to maintain the conditions of their nonimmigrant status, it could jeopardize their status, and could possibly be grounds for deportation from the United States under the U.S. immigration law.


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