Psychology, BA


Psychology is the social science that systematically studies human behavior, including emotions, thoughts and actions. The discipline focuses on the biological, individual differences, cognitive, and social basis of all behavior.

At SDC, we understand that the study of psychology is the study of God’s creation. Therefore, we also consider the spiritual foundation of human behavior and integrate biblical teachings about human life. This major is designed to give students the tools to pursue academic and personal growth in-and-out of the classroom.


A degree in psychology is an excellent preparation for organizational leadership, faith-based ministries, work in community agencies and graduate studies in a variety of fields. For those interested in pursuing a career in counseling or other areas of psychology, graduate study will be necessary. Therefore, the department strives to work with each student to help them identify their vocational career path so that appropriate coursework can be completed and goals are achieved.

The Psychology major combines a strong core curriculum in the basic areas of psychology and research methods with the goal that each student graduates with a knowledge of psychological theory, social relationships, and the ability to think critically.

The learning experiences and skills developed as a psychology major result in graduates who are marketable in an array of career fields. Counseling and many other areas require a graduate degree. Therefore, the undergraduate degree also aims to provide the necessary background for a diversity of graduate programs. While not exhaustive, below are a variety of great career field options:

  • Human resources/employee support or training
  • Community relations or public service
  • Education programming/support or Teaching
  • Social work or Human services/advocacy
  • Non-profit organizations/organizational leadership
  • University or college: student services/Fundraising/Development
  • Advertising or Market research/Product design
  • Sales/service/logistics/project management
  • Consumer research/consumer behavior
  • Public relations/Customer relations
  • Government/state services

Career Development can assist in creating an individual vocational plan.

Program Details

Students begin work in their concentrations in their junior year and each student graduates with knowledge of psychological theory and the ability to think critically about human data.

The department maintains a strong emphasis on research, human development, counseling, and the application of psychology to the areas of business, education, and community problems.

Coursework provides opportunities to engage in service learning, a senior internship, and to implement research skills in design and administration. SDC offers two concentrations:

  • Biblical counseling
  • Organizational Psychology


Elizabeth Stanton, Psy.D.
Vice President for Academics
Associate Professor of Psychology

  • B.A., San Diego State University
  • M.A., Wesleyan University
  • M.A., Southern California Seminary
  • Psy.D., Southern California Seminary
  • Department Chair, Psychology


Elizabeth Elenwo, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • B.A., Aberdeen College of Commerce
  • M.A., United States International University, London
  • M.A., Southern California Seminary
  • Ph.D., United States International University, San Diego
  • PsyD., Southern California Seminary


Gretchen Stover, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • B.S., Biola University
  • M.S., Amridge University
  • Psy.D., Southern California Seminary



“The Department of Psychology at SDC provided me with a wealth of knowledge and prepared me for the challenges of becoming a graduate student. The knowledgeable and experienced faculty took genuine interest in their students and put great effort into educating us in the field of psychology while effectively integrating Biblical principles in their teaching. Studying psychology from a Biblical perspective gave me greater insight into God’s incredible design of the human mind and produced growth in my faith and my academics.”
~Emily, 2011



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