Liberal Studies, BS (Education)

San Diego Christian College student preparing for his future career


Teachers and other educators are arguably the most important members of our society. They empower individuals, families, and communities and develop the foundation for all forms of success. They inspire in them drive to do well and continue to grow in life. The children and youth of today are shaped every day in the classroom as they become the leaders, the professionals, the innovators, and the life-changers of the future. As an educator, you will have the ability to shape future generations and therefore design society, both on a local and global scale.  

The Department of Education at San Diego Christian College will empower you to discover your vocational calling as an educator. At SDCC you will be nurtured and developed to become an exceptional educator that strives to impact the world for Christ through teaching and serving. Our faculty are all current or retired teachers, principals, school counselors, and administrators who are committed to sharing their expertise and experience with you as you develop your own educational philosophy and practice. Being a Liberal Studies student at SDCC means joining a community of educators who are committed to learning and growing in community for our community.  

The mission and vision of the Department of Education is to nurture and develop excellent Christian educators who have an appropriate subject-matter foundation with an understanding of student behavior, competence in teaching, the ability to develop and encourage critical judgment and creativity, and a commitment to the highest ethical standards and Christian service.


Liberal Studies Majors Are Prepared For: 

  • Candidacy into our Teaching Credential Program 
  • Diverse Teaching Strategies and Methods
  • Developing Comprehensive Lesson Plans
  • Community-based intervention 
  • Providing developmentally appropriate instruction
  • Culturally responsive teaching 

You should consider this major if: 

  • You want to become a K-12 Teacher 
  • Enjoy working with children and youth 
  • Desire to make an impact in your community and society 
  • Excel at building relationships, partnerships, and leading teams
  • Love mentoring and seeing others grow
  • Enjoy creating, building, or developing new ways of learning  

Graduates in Liberal Studies work as: 

  • Elementary School Teachers 
  • Middle School Teachers
  • High School Teachers
  • Education Paraprofessionals
  • Curriculum Writers
  • Instructional designers/developers
  • Educators in museums, parks, and even theme parks
  • Curriculum coordinators at the school and district levels
  • Training specialists in education, business, marketing, and more
  • Educational consultants
  • Public policy coordinators or analysts
  • Administrators or directors in educational nonprofit organizations
  • Managers of public or in-home daycares and preschools
  • Life coaches
  • Youth leaders 


The major in Liberal Studies is designed to help students excel as teachers in elementary and secondary schools. Coursework provides many opportunities to get in the classroom and do the work teachers do while having time to reflect on your progress as an aspiring educator. The Liberal Studies Major meets the California state legal requirements for a multisubject background for teachers in non-departmentalized classrooms (K-8). Future elementary teachers are prepared to pass the state-required subject matter examination (California Subject Examination for Teachers in Multiple Subjects CSET). The program incorporates all prerequisite requirements for the California Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential, including the methods and fieldwork requirements, taken the second semester of the senior year. Following graduation, students fulfill the student teaching requirement for the following fall, thus completing all requirements for the California MS credential in 4½ years 

You are more than a student at SDCC. As we learn and grow together, we will equip you with skills that impact you for life after college and in your many years of classroom or nontraditional teaching. 


Courses you will take: 

  • Liberal Studies Integration Seminar
  • Introduction to Education
  • Science Methods for Educators
  • Instructional & Educational technology
  • History & Philosophy of Education
  • American Literature
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Literature for Children
  • American History to 1877
  • California History
  • Fine Arts for Educators
  • Biological Health Education
  • Physical Education for Children
  • Mathematics for Educators
  • Music for Educators
  • Growth and Development
  • Introduction to American Government 

Hyperlink to BS Liberal Studies Degree Audit 

Your pathway from education to vocation will include: 

  • Build strong relationships with local school districts and other educators 
  • Participate in education fieldwork experience
  • Grow with departmental support and engagement
  • Prepare for state testing and credentialing processes
  • Develop your educational philosophy and teaching portfolio
  • Practice teaching and service
  • Engaging in diversity and inclusion efforts to serve all students 

Non-Liberal Studies Majors: 

Students at SDCC who have a different major are welcome to choose the specialization in Education offered in the Department of Education, which includes the Liberal Studies Integration Seminar, Introduction to Education, History, and Philosophy of Education and Literature for Children. You will be equipped with the foundation to the field of education and educational practice.  


kathy poole, phd 

Department Chair, Education


Stacey Harrell, M.S., Ed.D
Adjunct Professor, Education 

B.A. Liberal Studies, Point Loma Nazarene University
California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
M.S. in Counseling Education, National University San Diego
Pupil Personnel Services Credential
Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction, Northern Arizona University 

 Area of Focus: Restorative practices trainer, Trauma-Informed Practices Trainer, Self-injury, helping and healing, BRIEF counseling, PREPaRE School crisis training, CSEC training, Youth Mental Health training, Quantum Learning levels 1-5, Math Solutions level 1-3. 

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you have to change the world.”  Becoming a teacher, you will impact and empower students for years to come. It will be hard, but extremely rewarding and well worth the difficulties it took to get there.    

Desiree Jacobs, M.A.
Adjunct Professor, Education 

B.A. Psychology, University of California San Diego
M.A. in Education, San Diego State University
California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 

 Areas of FocusCurriculum development, spiritual growth, TESOL, ELL, Visual and Performing Arts in Education.  

SDCC is a place where students’ academic success and spiritual growth are at the forefront of every staff member’s focus. Students are educated, supported, and mentored to become future leaders, educators, and world-changers. 

Tira Wakayama, M.A.
Adjunct Professor, Education 

B.A. Sociology, Biola University
Minor in Intercultural Studies and Bible
California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
M.A. in Teaching, Chapman University  

Area of Focus: ELL certified, Reading & Math Intervention Group Specialist, Using Teaching for Global Ministry 

Starting your degree at SDCC is an opportunity to invite God into your future ministry and career.  At SDCC you are surrounded by Professors who are experienced in your field, who love the Lord, and are passionate to mentor you in your education.  Teaching the next generation of Teachers is my calling and great joy! 

Kathryn Wirz, M.A., M.B.A.
Adjunct Professor, Education & Online 

B.A. in Labral Arts, California State University San Bernardino 
M.A. in Education, Ashford University
M.B.A. with a concentration in project management, Ashford University
M.A. in Early Childhood Education Leadership, University of Arizona Global 

Area of Focus: Elementary school education, business educationin higher education for over 12 years, coaching and working with children of all ages.  

Teachers have 3 loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together – Scott Hayden 

Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.