Partner with SDC on Giving Tuesday: A Global Day of Giving

Your Investment is Their Future

1 in 4 college freshmen in the U.S. are unable to return their sophomore year due to finances. This Giving Tuesday, we are working to make returning a reality for SDC students with our Giving Tuesday scholarship fund. #HawksGivingTuesday

This year, our goal is to raise $75,000 to support student scholarships. 

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My goal is to be a missionary surgeon with a cardiothoracic specialty. I come from a background of hard work and dire circumstance from the Brownsville area of Pensacola, FL. Even in enduring a lot of physical and verbal abuse in my childhood, I still maintained my desire to help others and pursue the passions God had given me. Although many trials have come, I have stayed consistent in moving forward in both missions and medicine.

“God is so incredibly faithful!”

I was so incredibly blessed to receive this Incentive Scholarship, which came at such a God-appointed time in my life. As I was still trying to figure out where my next tuition payment would come from, and how other bills and expenses would be paid in addition to tuition, I found myself fully surrendering everything to the Lord and worshipping Him. It was on that day that I got the email of the Scholarship covering my remaining tuition balance for the year! My initial thought: ‘God is so incredibly faithful!’ It was such a weight lifted off my shoulders! I am so thankful and grateful for the contribution of my donor, and I pray for the blessings of the Lord to flow back to him as he has so generously poured out to me!

— Jasmine Sims, Senior, Biological Science Major, Pre-Med

“I am from a small town in New York that is about an hour north of the city. While I do not come from a family of much means, God has financially provided for each year for me to attend SDC. I am so thankful for this scholarship. God paid the rest of my tuition through generous donations and it has given me further hope in my goal to finish school and go where God leads me.

“God has financially provided for each year for me to attend SDC.”

In the future, I hope to get a job at a church working as an associate pastor or a spiritual growth pastor.”

Peter Gomez, Junior, Biblical Studies Major

I was born and raised in Mexico City. After a couple months praying about an unusual miracle, God showed me that it was time for me to keep pursuing my dream of playing tennis in the U.S.

Little did I know, God makes everything work out and in Spring of 2015, I moved to the beautiful city of San Diego with a tennis athletic scholarship. Life in California as we all know is very expensive and with both of my parents working in Mexico and me working in the Admissions office at SDC, my financial situation was very critical.

“I must admit that if it wasn’t for this scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to stay at SDC.”

Throughout this time, I met amazing people and this is when I heard for the first time about the Incentive Scholarship. With my GPA I was able to apply for it, and I must admit that if it wasn’t for this scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to stay at SDC and none of this would be possible. I always tell God “If you want me here make it happen, if not show me where to go.”

— Miriam Boeta, ’18, Communication Major

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