Glossary and Policies

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students are responsible for handling all financial matters related to their attendance at the college and are charged for all courses for which they are registered. To receive a refund for a class, a student must drop the course by completing an Add/Drop Form from the Registrar and submitting it within the parameters of the Add/Drop Schedule.

Administrative Dismissal

If a student is administratively dismissed, they lose all academic credit(s) for the semester in which the dismissal occurred. There is no refund of tuition, room and board or fees. All institutional aid will be retracted from the student’s account and refund calculations may need to be conducted for any remaining financial aid. The student, however, remains financially responsible for the appropriate percentage of institutional costs incurred.

Bookstore Vouchers

Students can use a book voucher in the SDCC bookstore and the online MBS Bookstore to purchase their textbooks and supplies. Only students that have finalized their financial aid and have a credit to their student account are eligible to receive a book voucher. Vouchers are available upon request in the Student Financial Services Office.

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans may be purchased through the Student Financial Services Office for use in the cafeteria. Meals can be utilized at any time throughout the week. At the close of each week, unused meals are forfeited and cannot be accumulated over the semester. You may view meal plan costs here.

Contingency Deposit

New or re-admit students are charged a one-time $100 Contingency Deposit at the time of Financial Check-in. This deposit is refundable upon request after graduation or official withdrawal from the College, subject to any outstanding charges on the student’s account.

If charges are made against this deposit, payment must be made to restore the balance to $100 at the beginning of the next semester.

Guaranteed Enrollment Deposit

A $100 Guaranteed Enrollment Deposit is required of all new and returning students upon acceptance to confirm their intention to attend San Diego Christian College. This non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is applied to tuition for the first semester of enrollment.

Health Insurance

All traditional students at SDCC are required to show proof of health insurance.

Students can waive the school’s health insurance by presenting a copy of their current coverage card and filling out a School Health Insurance Waiver form. If a student does not have health insurance, they will be required to purchase a policy through the college. To view more comprehensive information regarding the premium, click here.

I.D. Card Replacement

I.D. cards are issued to students when they first enter the college. If an I.D. card is lost or stolen, students can obtain a new card from the Student Life office.

Returned Checks

Returned checks will be assessed a $20 bank fee. Reimbursement of a returned check must be made with a Cashier’s Check.

Student Work Study

Student Work Study paychecks are available bi-monthly in the office of the Director of Finance.

If a student is using the Work Study Program to cover Tuition, Room and Board costs, etc., an automatic payroll deduction form must be filled out to apply earnings toward their account balance.

Unpaid Accounts

If a student fails to make the required payments or does not secure loans by the 6th day of classes, the College reserves the right but is not limited to, classroom restrictions, interruption of internet and food services. In addition, students with delinquent accounts will be prohibited from taking final exams, enrolling for a new semester, graduating, or obtaining any official documents from the institution.

Unpaid accounts are subject to a $35 monthly late fee. Unsatisfied accounts may be reported to a credit reporting agency and may negatively affect a student’s credit rating.


In the event a student officially withdraws from the institution, drops out, or fails to complete the period of enrollment for which he or she was charged, all institutional aid will be retracted from the student’s account. The college must then determine the amount of federal funds earned for the portion of the enrolled period for which the student attended. Unearned federal student aid must be returned.

Tuition will be refunded on a prorated weekly basis between the 1st and 7th week of the semester, depending on the withdrawal date of the student. Refunds are not offered beyond the 7th week of an academic term. After all calculations are made and the appropriate refunds are applied, the student remains financially responsible for the appropriate percentage of institutional costs incurred.

The Board portion of the Room & Board Fee will also be refunded on a proportionate weekly basis between the 1st and 7th week of the semester depending on the student’s actual date of departure from the campus. Please see the Institutional Refund Policy shown below for actual weekly percentages that will be assessed in the event of a withdrawal.

Because rooms are reserved for each student for an entire semester, there is no refund on the Room portion of this fee. In the event a student moves off campus after the beginning of a term due to circumstances beyond their control and desires a refund for room expenses, an appeal must be submitted to the Student Financial Services Office. The move off campus must have the approval of the Student Life Office and appeals must take place prior to moving off campus. A decision regarding the appeal will be made by the college and communicated to the student by the Student Financial Services Office.

Institutional Refund Policy for the Traditional & TCP Program

Portion of
term attended

(In Calendar Weeks)
Tuition & Fees
Refunded by SDCC
On Campus
Refund: Room
On Campus
Refund: Board
Never Attended 100% 100% 100%
After Day 1 100% 0% 93%
Within Week 1 90% 0% 93%
Within Week 2 80% 0% 87%
Within Week 3 70% 0% 80%
Within Week 4 60% 0% 73%
Within Week 5 50% 0% 67%
Within Week 6 40% 0% 60%
Within Week 7 30% 0% 53%
> = 8 Weeks 0% 0% 0%


Refund Policy for Summer Session & Laboratory Fees

Before the first class meeting 100%
Before the second class meeting 75%
Before the third class meeting 50%
Before the fourth class meeting 25%
After the fourth class meeting No refund