Helping every student develop their life to the fullest in Christ (John 10:10)

At San Diego Christian College, we believe that God has created you for much more than just getting a job and waiting for retirement. Jesus told us that He came to give us a new life that is worth living! While a portion of your time in college will be spent in the classroom, there is so much more to being a student and living life during your stay here, and Student Life and SDC exist to help you make the most of each of those moments!


Living Life to the Fullest

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed!  While there will be times when it takes hard work and dedication, we also want your time in college to be a memorable one filled with laughter, great friends, and a vibrant social life shared with people living with and for the same purpose as you.

So here at SDCC, we will strive to create exciting opportunities to help you connect with other people, get plugged in, and make the most of your time here. It’s our goal that years after graduating from SDCC, you will think back on your time here and smile!  Opportunities to get connected include:

  • Alpha freshman small groups
  • Monthly and yearly events and activities, such as beach days, tailgating parties, Homecoming, Awards Night, and Lipsync Contest
  • Campus Life Assistant leadership opportunities.
  • Intramurals
  • On-campus cafeteria
  • And so much more!






Living Life in Community

To truly grow and develop students need to get connected, find peers with common interests, and build deep and lasting relationships, and nowhere will this happen better than living together in Residence Life.

So here at SDCC, we strive to maintain a healthy and fun residence community that is safe, respectful, and caring of others while helping students fully enjoy living in beautiful San Diego with an amazing group of people.  Details for Resident Living include:

  • Individual apartments that comprise of a multi-use space, private bathroom, and separate, furnished bedrooms.
  • Lounges and exterior community space; including a fire pit and public grills
  • Free on-site laundry facilities
  • Full service, high-quality cafeteria


Apartment Details



Living Life in Christ

Since we are created in God’s image and called to know and love Him, there is nothing more vital to living a truly successful and fulfilling life than to grow and develop in your relationship with and commitment to Jesus. This is the foundation upon which a healthy and fulfilled life must be built.

So here at SDC we will challenge you both inside and outside of the classroom to enhance and grow your walk with Christ and live a life of worship through multiple engaging and interactive programs and opportunities, including:

  • Weekly chapel services
  • Worship arts ministry teams
  • Local and global mission trips
  • Dedicated pastoral staff
Chapel Live Stream


Living Life for Others

To be a disciple of Jesus requires that we pattern our life off His example. This is especially true regarding His model of service and self-sacrificial love for others. As Jesus came, not to be served but to serve others, so we too are called to model His servant leadership to the world around us.

Here at SDCC, we will challenge you to engage the world through service and giving of yourself and your time to help others; both within the school community itself, as well as throughout San Diego County and beyond.

  • Regularly planned service hours for each student
  • IMPACT service days for the entire student body

Service Learning opportunities within pre-selected courses