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SDCC Front Desk 

4/13 — Pastor Miles McPherson to Deliver San Diego Christian College 2021 Commencement Address

11/20 — SDCC Has Been Removed From Probation

3/13/20 — Important Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

3/11/20 — Coronavirus/Covid-19 Information

2/27/20 — Statement About WASC Accreditation

11/21/19 — San Diego Christian College Ranks Among the Top Communications Degree Programs in the U.S.

11/18/19San Diego Christian College opens doors to future students for annual College for a Weekend

1/8/19William Nyambo named GSAC Newcomer of the Year for Men’s Soccer Team 

11/7/19Hallmark Rom-Com in Production at San Diego Christian College

10/23/19 William Nyambo named GSAC Offensive Player of the Week for Men’s Soccer Team 

10/18/19 — San Diego Christian College – over 13 years of volunteer service to its neighbors in Mexico 

10/14/19San Diego Christian College ranked as one of the best online schools third year in a row 

10/2/19SDCC Helping Educators get a Master’s Degree in just one year

10/1/19 — Women’s doubles tennis team looking to claim another National Championship for SDCC

9/27/19San Diego Christian College to award $1,000 Scholarships to students

9/24/19Dr. Kevin Corsini Appointed as 11th President of San Diego Christian College

9/24/19San Diego Christian College – one of the Best Top 10 Christian Colleges in the U.S.

9/13/19From refugee camps and high crime rate neighborhoods, to the soccer field

9/9/2019Climbing the ranks in Regional College West and mastering the art of service–based education