Preparing for Financial Check-in

Apply for Financial Aid


All students requesting financial aid to assist in financing their education at SDC are required to file the FAFSA or a FAFSA Waiver. If you wish to apply for grants or loans, or to accept any SDC aid, you MUST file the FAFSA (this includes the Cal Grant, Pell grant, Academic/Athletic awards, SDC’s Heritage and Christian Worker Dependent grants, etc.).



Go online to After you have filed, you can use this site to check the status or make corrections to your FAFSA. SDC’s Federal School Code is 012031.



The Admissions Office will notify the Financial Aid Office of your preliminary scholarship eligibilities after you are accepted. You will be automatically awarded institutional aid based on your qualifications.


Receive Notifications or Awards from

the Financial Aid Office

Once you are fully accepted to the college and have turned in the required financial aid forms requested by the Financial Aid Office, you will receive your award eligibility via email.

The Financial Aid Office will send a request via email regarding any missing information. Most forms are available through the SNAP portal link on our website.

Apply for Loans, if Needed

Steps to Apply for a direct (student) loan:

  1. Complete the FAFSA.
  2. Accept the loans through your Empower Web account.
  3. Complete and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) or loan agreement and Loan Entrance Counseling online at


  1. Complete the FAFSA.
  2. Complete a PLUS Loan Application and Master Promissory Note at


1. Before applying for an Alternative Loan

  • Be sure to utilize all grants, scholarships and federal loans available
  • Check to see if you have the resources to set up a payment plan through the Student Accounts Office.

2. Once it is determined that an Alternative Loan is still needed:

  • Find the amount you need for the entire year. This may be obtained by reviewing your bill from Student Accounts or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at (619) 201-8730 and/or at Financial Check-in. Be sure to apply for an amount to cover the entire school year.
  • Apply for an Alternative Student Loan with a lender of your choice. To view a general list of lenders go to the FastChoice link available on our website.

FINALIZE PAPERWORK PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASSES: Beginning July 1st through First Day of Classes

  1. The Financial Aid Office will send email reminders and call you periodically for documents or steps that need to be completed in order to finalize loans and/or your financial aid file.
  2. If you still have items that are needed two weeks after the start of classes, your aid will not be disbursed to your Student Account. You will have a balance due, and you will not be allowed to attend classes.
  3. Once you complete your financial aid file, your financial aid is complete for the year unless your housing or enrollment status changes. You must notify Financial Aid of either of these events. Your aid will be disbursed three weeks into the start of classes.