54154_sdcc_pencilMission Statement

San Diego Christian College (SDC) exists to educate and inspire students through the truth of Scripture and the development of competencies that prepare graduates whose purpose is to impact the world.

Vision Statement

San Diego Christian College (SDC), as an academic and learning community, aims to prepare academically equipped, culturally and globally involved graduates with a biblical worldview and godly character to serve God.

  • Academically Equipped: Educated through engaged faculty in rigorous programs built on outcomes derived from competencies and biblical integration within each discipline.
  • Biblical Worldview/Godly Character: Committed to God’s preeminent perspective on life and the realization that He created and enables each person to be a life-changing influence for Christ.
  • Culturally and Globally Involved: Inspired through partnership to be responsible stewards in local communities and global opportunities.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Centered on the SDC Mission and Vision Enable Students to:

  • Obtain a foundational knowledge of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences in a life-long learning framework.
  • Specialize in at least one academic discipline with specific career and life applications.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and social skills.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to scholarly, professional, and personal endeavors.
  • Exercise commitment to a lifestyle that identifies God’s preeminent perspective on life based on biblical principles and godly character.
  • Interact effectively through cultural and global involvement in preparation for a lifestyle of service.

San Diego Christian

200 Riverview Pkwy Santee, CA 92071

College Offices: 619.201.8700
Admissions: 800.676.2242

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