Disabled Student Services

Who Qualifies?

Qualified disabled persons will not, on the basis of disability, be denied admission, or be subjected to discrimination in admission decisions. Nor will any otherwise qualified student, on the basis of disability, be excluded from any academic programs or student support services (counseling, financial aid, etc.) available to all students at San Diego Christian College.


Prospective students are not required to disclose any disabling condition as part of the application process and applicants meeting the entrance requirements for SDC may not be denied admission to the College because of his or her disabilities.

Academic Accommodations

Upon acceptance to SDC, the faculty and staff will work with disabled students to assist them in pursuit of their educational goals. Various academic accommodations and auxiliary aids are available for disabled students provided such assistance is supported by statements from professionals that certify the nature of a student’s disability and the recommended accommodations. There may be limits to the types of accommodations possible in academic programs that prepare students for professions in which licensure or accreditation requirements set specific standards for performance.

Disabled Student Definition

A disabled student is any qualified student who has a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of such person’s major life activities,” as well as a person who has a history of, or is regarded as having such impairment [29 U.S.C., Section 706(8)(B); 42 U.S.C., Section 12102(2).]

Additional Info


Application for Disability Services


Lundie Carstensen
Disabled Student Services Coordinator
(619) 201-8705

Norma Arwood
APS Technology & Services Specialist
(619) 201-8673

Procedure for Requesting ADA Accommodations

Once a student has been admitted, requests for academic accommodations should be processed with the Disabled Student Services Coordinator and/or the APS Technology and Services Specialist.

  • A student, who wants to request assistance to accommodate a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, should contact the Disabled Student Services Coordinator to complete an Application for Disability Support Services.
  • The application form (see link below) along with any required documentation and certifications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of an academic term in order to facilitate arrangements for accommodations.
  • A student’s application will be processed within ten days. It will be reviewed by the Disabled Student Services Coordinator and/or the APS Technology and Services Specialist. It also may be discussed with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the student’s academic advisor to determine the nature of accommodations to be provided.
  • The Disabled Student Services Coordinator and/or the APS Technology and Services Specialist will meet with the student to share the plan for accommodations and to assist the student in setting strategies for working with faculty in the coming term.
  • In the event a student requests an adjustment or accommodation that is not supported by the data, or if the available certification is incomplete or inadequate to determine the extent of the disability, then it is incumbent on the student to obtain supplemental testing or assessment at the student’s expense.
  • The Disabled Student Services Coordinator and/or the APS Technology and Services Specialist will serve as the disabled student’s liaison with faculty and staff as needed. He/she will also be responsible for monitoring the student’s academic progress at SDC.
  • Should a student wish to appeal any decision related to academic accommodations, a written appeal should be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and it will be processed following student grievance procedures as spelled out in the Student Handbook.

Procedures for Requesting Special Services for Temporary Disability

Any student seeking accommodation due to a temporary disability must provide documentation verifying the nature of the condition, the expected time duration of the condition, and the desired accommodations. Such verification must be provided by a professional health care provider who is qualified in the diagnosis of the condition. The assessment or verification of such a disability must reflect the student’s current situation and shall be no older than 60 days. The cost of obtaining professional verification shall be borne by the student.



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