English, BA


The mission of the English Department at San Diego Christian College is to promote the pursuit of excellence in written communication and critical literacy while incorporating a Christian worldview.

English is an exciting discipline not only for those who love to read and write but also for those who care about social and cultural issues. The courses in the English program equip students for the professional world by providing opportunities to express and refine their viewpoints as they develop their reading, writing and critical thinking skills. 


The English Department at San Diego Christian College prepares students for a number of possibilities after graduation including graduate school, seminary, the mission field, teaching, business, law, journalism, media arts, and government services.

Majors in English at San Diego Christian College study a curriculum with a thorough engagement in writing and literary analysis, emphasizing critical thinking and effective communication. English is fundamental to the liberal arts curriculum and enables students to communicate effectively in all areas of coursework and in preparation for their careers.

Literature courses examine the American and British literary traditions as well as significant contributions to World and Christian literature. Students receive wide exposure to diverse critical and theoretical approaches while being challenged to construct their own interpretive positions which account for biblical principles and offer insight into the human experience.

Moreover, students are given ample opportunity to develop as writers not only in the literature coursework but also through the innovative Writing Workshop sequence. Students may even opt to pursue the writing concentration.

Each year a Writing Contest is held and is open to all students at San Diego Christian College. Judges award first, second, and third place prizes to entries in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.


Students have the opportunity to choose one of three concentrations:


Professor of English, Joe SarnowskiFACULTY


B.A., University of Toledo
M.A., University of Toledo
Ph.D., University of Toledo

His monograph, The Literary Achievement of the American Poet Robert Penn Warren: His Life-Long Struggles with Morality, Myth, and Modernity is available from The Edwin Mellen Press. His work has also appeared in Papers on Language and Literature, The Kentucky Review, the Lamar Journal for the Humanities, and the Encyclopedia of American War Literature (Greenwood Press).



B.A., San Diego State University
M.A., United States International University

The Lord has blessed me by providing me teaching opportunities in China, Germany, and Guam. The majority of my teaching has been on the secondary level; however, the last seven years of teaching has been at the college level. At SDCC, I have been blessed to work with students who really want to learn. That has, and continues to be, a joy for me. I love what I do. Outside of teaching, my other favorites are hiking and camping with my daughter’s family in N. California, tending my garden, walking the hills and valleys of east San Diego, and learning about the local history of my hometown.

“I have nothing but the highest praise for the English Department of San Diego Christian College. The classes and the professors were excellent, and I honestly feel like I got the best education I possibly could have under their instruction. The head of the department, Dr. Sarnowski, especially challenged and pushed me to constantly do my best. He pushed me to hold to a high standard in my academic as well as creative writing that I doubt I could have found at another school. The personal attention was exceptional, and I grew there, not only as a student and as a writer, but also as a human being. The English professors genuinely care, not only about our academic success but also about our personal success and development as believers. While I was completing my Senior Capstone, I told a friend of mine who is an English major at another school all that went into the project. She was aghast and said that I was essentially doing graduate-level work as an undergraduate. While slightly annoyed at the amount of work that I had to do, I also felt reassured. I left San Diego Christian college feeling genuinely prepared for grad school and beyond. I know that I was held to a high standard of excellence throughout my time there. Thank you, everyone, in the English Department of San Diego Christian College. You made my time there one of the best in my life.”
— Jenna Lathrop, class of 2015


“I have grown such a great deal by being a part of the English Major at SDCC. The community is unique in that we share with each other parts of our lives no one else might understand. The course work is challenging and left me wanting to improve every semester, with encouragement and motivation from my professors and fellow students. Now, as a graduating senior, I look at the skills that I learned, gained slowly through the labor of four years, and I am proud of what I’ve accomplished. I would encourage anyone to take the risk and join a major which will impact not only a future career but also the way you see the world. It is a decision I will never regret.”
— Annie Boettner, class of 2016