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The Master of Science in Leadership focuses on analyzing the underlying meaning and concepts of effective leadership styles and practices. Fundamental leadership principles of vision, communication, ethics, and rapport will be areas studied throughout the program. Students will learn how to apply effective leadership principles to a broad variety of organizational structures such as education, business, religious, and government.
Emphases are available in:
  • Organization
  • Christian Counseling
  • Education

See below for details on each emphasis.



Course Length in Weeks

Degree Credits

Degree Length in Years


The MSL with an Organizational Emphasis, gives students a fundamental understanding of organizational theory and how it impacts daily business activities. Students who graduate with the Organization Emphasis will be prepared to process and act on changes within their field and manage any conflicts that arise. Below are the Organization Emphasis courses:

  • ORG 610 – Foundations of Organizational Theory
  • ORG 620 – Organizational Behavior
  • ORG 630 – Organizational Development
  • ORG 640 – Managing Change and Conflict


The MSL with an Educational Emphasis, focuses on preparing leaders to shape to future of education at all levels. The curriculum includes courses that will help graduates become ethical and effective leaders in a highly competitive industry. Students who choose the Education Emphasis will take the following courses:

  • ORG 610 – Foundations of Organizational Theory
  • ED 601 – Ethical Disposition
  • ED 602 – Community Partnership
  • ED 605 – Educational Technology



The MSL with a Christian Counseling emphasis is designed to position graduates to be experts in their organizations, leaders who think outside the typical course of action to solve problems. The curriculum will also prepare students for a counseling licensing program should they choose to follow that path. Christian Counseling emphases courses include:  

  • Advanced Counseling Theories & Techniques
  • Biblical Foundations for Counselors
  • Marriage, Family, and Healthy Relationships
  • Counseling for Crisis, Abuse, and Addictions

Why choose an MSL?

“This May, my husband Nic and I both graduated with our Master of Science in Leadership from San Diego Christian College. Our commencement speaker spoke about a story in the Old Testament with Solomon and a question stood out to me: “Why settle for bronze when you can have gold?”

Throughout my life, I’ve had many dreams and goals. However, I have never settled for bronze when I knew I could have gold and do big things for the Lord. Together, Nic and I have climbed many mountains, overcome many obstacles, and have started to see God’s promises unfold. Together, we will always walk in obedience saying ‘yes’ to God and all that He has for our futures!”

Monique Quintero

18, Master of Science in Leadership



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