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Online Christian Ministries Degree Bachelor of Arts (BA)

If you feel a calling to full-time ministry, a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries can provide the foundation for a rewarding, lifelong vocation. San Diego Christian College (SDCC) is dedicated to educating and inspiring students through the truth of Scripture and preparing graduates to impact the world. Among other faith-based academic programs, SDCC offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Christian Ministries degree that is available 100% online.

The BA in Christian Ministries program is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and theological insights needed to succeed in your chosen vocation. Curriculum highlights include courses in leadership, theology, worship, biblical counseling, and other essential ministry-related topics. SDCC’s ministry degree aims to foster pastoral leadership with a well-rounded background in biblical studies and general education.

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Career Opportunities in Christian Ministry

Many graduates of the ministry BA program proceed directly into full-time ministry, while others leverage this degree as a first step to further their education. Upon completion, you might choose to enroll in a seminary, pursue a teaching credential, or transition into a master’s degree program.
A ministry degree can prepare you for roles such as:

  • Campus Minister
  • Missionary
  • Ministry Director
  • Teacher in a Christian School
  • College Professor
  • Faith-Based Nonprofit Director

Summary of Learning Objectives for the Christian Ministries Degree Program

Students working toward a ministry degree will learn how to articulate a Christian worldview based on Scripture. The curriculum provides a framework for addressing ethical dilemmas in the world, and students will create a formal plan and set future goals for personal and spiritual development.

The ministry degree program aims to help graduates:

  • Understand the nature of discipleship and provide spiritual guidance to ministry groups.
  • Develop a biblical theology of evangelism and demonstrate the character of a disciple.
  • Master the principles and practices of verbal communication with a focus on sermons.
  • Evaluate theoretical approaches to counseling and become an effective counselor.
  • Achieve creativity and balance in the worship experience to cultivate disciples.

Online Christian Ministries Degree Curriculum

SDCC’s Christian Ministries BA program encompasses 123 credit hours of online courses. Course descriptions and other relevant information can be found in SDCC’s Course Catalog.

Students working toward a Christian Ministries degree may choose to pursue an emphasis or minor in a related discipline. Refer to the Online Programs Emphasis and Minor Options page for details and course listings.

Core Courses for Online Ministry BA Program
Course # Course Name Credits
CM 320 Evangelism and the 21st Century Church 3
CM 330 Communication for Ministry 3
CM 340 Worship 3
CM 410 Nurture and Discipleship 3
HD 462 Counseling Theory 3
TH 310 Current Issues in Theology 3
Institutional Course Requirements
Course # Course Name Credits
BI 392 Servant Leadership 3
BI 393 Historical Perspectives of the Gospels 3
CM 305 Spiritual Formation 3
PD 340 Adult Development and Life Planning 3
PHIL 492 Values and Ethics 3
SCI 302 Scientific Models of Origins 3
General Education Requirements
Course # Course Name Credits
multiple Critical Thinking/Communication Courses 9
multiple Humanities Courses 12
multiple Math and Science Courses 12
multiple Social Science Courses 12
multiple Liberal Arts Courses 9
multiple Electives* 21
Research and Capstone Requirements for Christian Ministries Degree
Course # Course Name Credits
PHIL 450 Critical and Creative Thinking 3
RSH 495A Research Capstone I 3
RSH 495B Research Capstone Statistics 3
SH 495CR Research Capstone II 3

P“God planted a seed in my heart to learn and help others do the same. I was blessed in a big way to be able to get that and much more through my studies in the Christian Ministries degree.”

– Ron Owen

“My goal is to eventually use my Christian Ministries degree to life coach/counsel people to make drastic changes in their lives. With the foundations I am learning through the Online Program, I am quite certain I will get there!”

– Sheila Simons



    Why Choose SDCC for Your Christian Ministries Degree? Top Reasons to Start Today

    The BA in Christian Ministries program is led by expert faculty and features courses that are directly applicable to your chosen vocation, with a biblical framework and opportunities for hands-on research and experience. You’ll also have access to the same campus resources as traditional full-time students, including library services and a team of Student Support professionals who are dedicated to your success. Other reasons to choose SDCC:

    • 100% Online: Our online program allows you to create your own schedule.
    • Flexible Start Dates: Each course term is eight weeks long.
    • Affordable: Undergraduate courses are just $399 per credit, and SDCC accepts many forms of financial aid, including federal student aid, military tuition assistance, veterans’ benefits, and employer tuition reimbursement.
    • No Application Fee: We’ve waived your application fee apply, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Apply for free today, and you could begin your first classes in a matter of weeks!