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Online Liberal Studies Degree Associate of Arts (AA)

Take the first step to degree completion—even if you have not yet settled on a major—with an associate’s degree. San Diego Christian College (SDCC) offers an Associate of Arts (AA) in Liberal Studies degree that is ideal for busy adults, with 100% online courses.

The associate’s degree in Liberal Studies allows students to explore their career options with a variety of courses across a range of disciplines. Upon degree completion, students can transfer their AA course credits to one of SDCC’s bachelor’s programs.

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Summary of Learning Objectives for the AA Degree Program

In addition to completing courses that fulfill major and general education requirements, students have the opportunity to take classes in any areas that interest them, as these can be applied toward elective credits. If you have an idea of your degree completion major, you can replace your elective classes with a 12-credit emphasis in a related discipline.

San Diego Christian College’s AA degree in Liberal Arts will prepare you to:

  • Demonstrate self-direction as a lifelong learner.
  • Develop effective communication and social skills.
  • Apply critical thinking and analysis to scholarly, professional, and personal endeavors.
  • Adopt a global perspective that embraces diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Nurture a Christian worldview that integrates biblical literacy, ethics, and character development.

Online Associate’s Degree Curriculum

Degree candidates must complete 64 credit hours of online coursework or campus-based evening classes to earn an AA in Liberal Studies. Students may choose to pursue a 12-credit emphasis in Biblical Studies, Business, Communication, or Psychology. Degree completion requirements are listed below; course descriptions and other relevant information can be found in SDCC’s Course Catalog.

Course Requirements Online AA Degree in Liberal Studies
Course # Course Name Credits
Critical Thinking and Qualitative Reasoning Courses 10
MA 115 Liberal Arts Mathematics 3
CIS 141 Introduction to Computers 3
PS 102 Introduction to the Physical and Earth Sciences 3
PS 103 Physical Science and Earth Science Lab 1
Global Awareness and Appreciation for Diversity Courses 12
HI elective Choose one 3-credit History Survey course 3
HI/SS/ICS/ Lang elective Choose one 3-credit History, Social Science, Intercultural Studies, or Language course 3
SS elective Choose one 3-credit Social Science course with cultural elements 3
HUM/ART elective Choose one 3-credit Humanities or Fine Arts course with cultural elements 3
Communication and Collaboration Courses 12
COM 210
or ICS 305
Interpersonal Communication or Intercultural Communication 3
EN 101 College Composition I 3
EN 102 College Composition II (Research Writing) 3
English Lit. elective Choose one 3-credit, writing-intensive English literature course 3
Christian Worldview Courses 12
BI Biblical Studies survey course 3
TH Theology Survey course 3
PHIL 492 Values and Ethics 3
CI 310 Origin Course 3
PHIL 492 Values and Ethics 3
Habits of Mind, Body, and Heart Courses 6
PD 201
or PD 340
Personal Finance
or Adult Development and Life Planning
SCI 310 The Science of Health and Wellness 3
Electives or Emphasis* 12
Biblical Studies Emphasis Courses
Course # Course Name Credits
BI 101 Old Testament History 3
BI 102 New Testament History 3
BI 440 Interpreting Romans 3
TH 201 Theology I 3
TH 202 Theology II 3
Business Emphasis Courses
Course # Course Name Credits
multiple Choose any four 3-credit Business Management courses 12
Communication Emphasis Courses
Course # Course Name Credits
ICS 305 Intercultural Communication 3
COM 301 Mass Communication 3
COM 302 Media Literacy and Persuasion Theory 3
COM 435 Broadcast Journalism 3
Psychology Emphasis Courses
Course # Course Name Credits
HD 250 Principles of Psychology 3
HD 364 Lifespan Development 3
PSY 304 Social Psychology 3
PSY 311 Abnormal Psychology 3

“The professors and the other students made me feel comfortable as well as a part of them.”

– Patricia Scott


All instructors in the associate’s degree program have relevant expertise and a passion for Christ-centered learning. 



Why Choose SDCC for Your Associate’s Degree? Top Reasons to Start Today

The AA in Liberal Studies program is led by expert faculty, integrates a biblical worldview, and features courses that will transfer directly toward your bachelor’s degree completion. You’ll also have access to the same campus resources as traditional full-time students, including library services and a team of Student Support professionals who are dedicated to your success. Other reasons to choose SDCC:

    • 100% Online: Our online program allows you to create your own schedule.
    • Flexible Start Dates: Each course term is eight weeks long.
    • Affordable: Undergraduate courses are just $399 per credit, and SDCC accepts many forms of financial aid, including federal student aid, military tuition assistance, veterans’ benefits, and employer tuition reimbursement.
    • No Application Fee: We’ve waived your application fee apply, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Apply for free today, and you could begin your first classes in a matter of weeks!